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Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis part masa urient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.
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Etxe Nami aims to support the development of Basque and Japanese crafts and contribute to the dynamism of the local economy.

Our goal is to promote Japanese culture in forging cultural links with Basque Country, while creating bridges between disciplines and areas : ecology, cooking, crafts, arts, fashion, sports.

Outreach  around the issues of ecology and crafts is one of our key ambitions.

Thereby we privilege organic products and collaborate with local associations which promote the development of organic farming in the Basque Country.


The genesis


Etxe Nami is born from the association of two friends, Gloria Reiko Pedemonte and Lena Balacco.

Japanese by her mother, Gloria came to live in the Basque Country (Guethary), after frequently visiting the region with her family for fifteen years. Exploring the Basque natural and cultural landscapes with great interest, she realized the intrinsic similarities between Japan and the Basque Country. Like Guethary which is particularly alike her grandmother’s coastal town, Kamakura. The project was born out of a basic contemplation and intuition. Gloria decided to create a venue, a kind of cultural center that would highlight the meeting of these two cultures. She proposed the project to her friend Lena, of Corsican origin, manager of 3 restaurants in Paris including a gastronomic one (Blue Valentine in Paris). Lena is very sensitive to Japanese culture which she got to know well through her mother and brother both long-time passionate  of that culture. Lena was immediatly convinced by the project, like the dream project she had been waiting for. Lena is also in love with the Basque Country, being a surfer at heart. Soon she decided to move to the region (Saint-Jean-de-Luz), and joined Gloria to create and build Etxe Nami.